2018-2019 MMIRA Executive Board Members

Elected Officers




Cheryl Poth

Kathleen Collins 
Elizabeth Creamer, President     Cheryl Poth, Past President Kathy Collins, President Elect   
Virginia Tech, USA   University of Alberta, Canada  University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, USA  



Appointed Committee Chairs




Sophia Johnson, Chair, Governance &

2020 Global Conference Convener

Peggy Shannon-Baker, Chair Professional Development   

Michelle Nichols, Chair, Marketing & Awards   
University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA Georgia Southern University, USA  Medical University of South Carolina, USA 




Appointed Committee Chairs


Tim Guetterman, Chair, Conferences   Sarah Munce, Chair, Membership  Cherie Edwards, Treasurer  
 University of Michigan, USA 
University of Toronto, Canada
  Virginia Tech, USA 




Wendy B. Dickinson
University of South Florida 


Elected Members of the MMIRA Board






Lisbeth Brevlik 

Charlotte Emma Wilson  Roslyn Cameron  Delyth Wyndham  

Member at Large

 Member at Large  Student Representative

University of Oslo, Norway    Trinity College, Dubling, Ireland  Australian Institute of Business  University of Chester, UK




Executive Office


  Donggil Song



Donggil Song, Webmaster Jeff Anderson. Executive Director   

Sam Houston State University.    University of Indiana  
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