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Call for abstracts: Qualitative Content Analysis special issue

30 Apr 2018 10:49 AM | Anonymous

Call for Papers

Thematic Issue: "Qualitative Content Analysis" (September 2019)

Guest Editors

Markus Janssen (University of Education Weingarten, Germany), Christoph Stamann (University of Education Weingarten, Germany), Margrit Schreier (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany), Thomas Dahl (Norwegian University for Science and Technology, Norway) & Trevor Mutton (University of Oxford, UK)


Qualitative content analysis is a highly popular method for analyzing qualitative data in many social science disciplines. It has emerged as feasible and applicable to a wide range of topics and contexts. Nevertheless we argue that there is a need for a special issue on qualitative content analysis. Why should this be the case?

In spite of—or precisely because of—the widespread use of the method, there are many open questions concerning its application; there is a need for systematizing the different approaches to qualitative content analysis; there is great potential for further development; and there is a need to address some of the important critique of the method that has been raised. All of these necessitate further discussion from an applied, a procedural, and a methodological perspective.

See the attached: FQS_CfP_QIA-e.pdf

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