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MMIRA Affiliates and Chapters

The distinction between a chapter and an affiliate has been hazy in the past. Groups can start as a chapter and then transition to being an affiliate as their membership expands and they hold several conferences. A chapter is a good way for a new organization to start. These are "win-win" initiatives, where each chapter/affiliate promotes MMIRA membership and MMIRA promotes its initiatives.

A Current List of Geographically Based MMIRA Affiliates and Chapters 

1. Oceania Chapter   

  Contact: MMIRA.oceania@gmail.com

2. Caribbean Chapter (MMIRA-CC)

  Contact: President: Dr. TashaneHayne Brown (tashane.haynesbrown@gmail.com)

3. European Chapter (MMIRA-EC)

  Contact: Debra O’Neill (doneill9@tcd.ie)

4. Japan Society for Mixed Methods Research (JSMMR)- AFFILIATE  

  Contact: Yoko Kawamura (yoko.kawamura.suac@gmail.com)

5. Latin American Chapter

  Contact: José Luís Guedes dos Santos (joseenfermagem@gmail.com)

6. China Chapter (MMIRA-ChC) 

   Contact: Dr. Hongling Chu (18810530974@163.com)

7. Student Chapter  

  Contact: Debra O’Neill (doneill9@tcd.ie)

8. Méthodes mixtes francophonie

   Contact: Pierre Pluye (pierre.pluye@mcgill.ca)

For Chapter Application Forms Contact: Delyth Wyndham, Membership Chair. Email: delyth.wyndham@glyndwr.ac.uk

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