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MOOC Season 5 Registration

  • 01 Oct 2021
  • 01 Mar 2022

Registration is closed

Season 5 of the MMIRA MOOC will take place 1 October 2021 to 1 March 2022. Registration will be open during this time until two weeks before the MOOC closes. Use this event listing to register for the MOOC. You will receive an email once our Enrollment Manager enrolls you in the MOOC. 

Here is a list of our Season 5 modules: 

Core: Introduction to Mixed Methods Research (MMR)

1.Defining Mixed Methods Research (Greene)

2.Paradigms and Mixing (Cook)

3.Qualitatively Oriented MMR (Shannon-Baker)

4.Quantitatively Oriented MMR (Headley)

5.Purposes of Mixed Methods Research (Creamer)

Specialized: Developmental and Analytical Mixed Methods Research Techniques

1.Pragmatism as a Paradigm for Mixed Methods Research (Morgan)

2.Theory Development in Mixed Methods Research (Creamer)

3.Social Network Analysis (Froelich)4.Mixed Methods in Evaluation (Mertens)

5.Combination Strategies (Pluye)

Core (Japanese): Introduction to MMR

1.An Introduction to Mixed Methods: A Rationale for Choosing MMR (Hatta)

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