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Immediate Opportunity

Social Solutions International seeks a qualified Mixed Methods Specialist to be part of a team of facilitators during a week-long United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Evaluation Clinic for program and technical staff working in USAID Missions in the Africa Region. The Evaluation Clinic, Making Evaluation Work for Your USAID Mission, is being held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in February 2018.


Implementation of USAID external evaluations are contracted out to independent third parties who comprise the evaluation teams. Program and technical staff at USAID Missions must develop evaluation statements of work (SoWs), select qualified evaluation team members, and oversee the full evaluation process (from evaluation planning to use and dissemination of findings), including the technical integrity of evaluation designs. The purpose of the Evaluation Clinic is to support USAID Mission staff in carrying out these responsibilities to the highest degree of quality possible.

The clinic is designed around three tracks in line with different stages of an evaluation: 1) Evaluability Assessment, 2) Evaluation Scope of Work (SoW), and 3) Post-Evaluation Plans.  Each clinic participant will choose to follow a specific, product-focused track that will comprise key sessions around the particular evaluation stage. This is intended so that participants can bring an evaluation related product (e.g., evaluation SoW, evaluation workplan, evaluation report, etc.) to the clinic and, with the advice and feedback of peers and mentors, leave with a near-final draft of that product. These sessions will be conducted in small groups (consisting of 6-8 people) so that each participant will have focused mentorship.  Special (two-hour) sessions on other evaluation topics, such as Strengthening Evaluation Credibility with Mixed Methods and Alternative Methods for Assessing Impact, will be sequenced early in the workshop to supplement learning of all participants.

The Consultant will serve as the lead facilitator for these two special sessions and will work with clinic participants in their respective tracks throughout the clinic to apply learning from these sessions to the development of their products.  The overall aim of these special sessions is for participants to know how to successfully integrate quantitative and qualitative methods throughout the evaluation process.  Specific learning objectives might include, for example, participants’ ability to: identify mixed-method options for use in evaluations, identify the types of evaluation questions that are best-suited for mixed-method options, and strengthen the rigor of qualitative data analysis.


·       Work as part of the Evaluation Clinic team to ensure special evaluation sessions are appropriately integrated into the three clinic tracks.

·       Contribute to the finalization of learning objectives and materials for two evaluation special sessions: Strengthening Credibility with Mixed Methods and Alternative Methods for Assessing Impact

·       Facilitate two (two-hour) special evaluation sessions on Strengthening Credibility with Mixed Methods and Alternative Methods for Assessing Impact.

·       Working with Clinic participants throughout the Clinic to apply learning from these sessions to the development of their products.

Skills and Prerequisites

·       At least ten years of experience designing, conducting, and implementing mixed methods studies in developing countries.

·       Extensive experience with a diverse range of qualitative inquiry and analysis.

·       Extensive experience integrating qualitative findings with quantitative survey data.

·       Strong working knowledge of contribution analysis and/or other alternative methods for assessing impact.

·       Extensive experience as a dynamic training facilitator who can demonstrate the ability to deliver a high-quality training workshop.

·       At least three years of experience working on USAID-financed projects or activities.

·       Preferred: Experience as an evaluation team leader or member on a USAID-commissioned evaluation in the past five years.

Minimum Qualifications

MA/MS with at least eight years of experience in related field.

Application Instructions

Please send resume/CV and cover letter to Joe O’ Connor: joconnor@socialsolutions.biz.

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