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    Online webinar series hosted by IIQM and MMIRA 

    September Webinar: Using Mixed Methods Research for Culturally Relevant Program Design and Evaluation
    Presenters:  John Hitchcock & Bonnie Nastasi
    Date & Time:September 26, 2017 8:00am MDT

    CLICK HERE to register

  • 15 Sep 2017 2:18 PM | Anonymous

    MAXQDA is currently seeking applications for two open positions. For both positions candidates need have experience in qualitative research. 1. (Junior) Manager Communication (GERMAN) – VERBI Software Gmbh (MAXQDA), Berlin, Germany. 2. (Junior) Manager Business Development (GERMAN) – VERBI Software Gmbh (MAXQDA), Berlin, Germany. Find out more and apply at: http://www.maxqda.com/about/jobs-at-maxqda

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    As coordinators of the special issue “Mixed Methods and Triangulation in History Education Research” recently accepted by the “International Journal of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research” (IJHLTR 16.1, 2018), we invite you to propose a contribution to the special edition.


    What will be published in the special edition? 

    1.      Articles that report original research done in the area of history education with methodological approaches based on mixed methods or triangulation research designs 

    2.     Articles that theoretically reflect on mixed methods and/or triangulation research designs applied in history education research. 


    Publication process 

    15.10.2017: Deadline for submission of abstracts

    30.10.2017: Decision about which articles shall be realised

    31.01.2018: Deadline for submission of articles

    01.02.2018 – 28.02.2018: Peer review process

    31.11.2018: Publication of IJHLTR 16.1 


    If you wish to contribute to the journal, please send an abstract of the article you want to propose with 500-600 words until the 15th of October to Roland.Bernhard@gmail.com.


    Journal information 

    IJHLTR is the peer reviewed international academic journal of the History Educators International Research Network – HEIRNET

    The special issue is coordinated by Roland Bernhard, Christoph Kühberger and Christoph Bramann (Department of History, University of Salzburg).  

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    Congratulations to Pat Bazeley on the publication of her new book "Integrating Analyses in Mixed Methods Research" with SAGE publications.

    Integrating Analyses for Mixed Methods Research goes beyond mixed methods research design and data collection, providing a pragmatic discussion of the challenges of effectively integrating data to facilitate a more comprehensive and rigorous level of analysis. Showcasing a range of strategies for integrating different sources and forms of data as well as different approaches in analysis, readers learn to plan, conduct, and disseminate complex analyses with confidence.

    Key techniques include:

    • Building an integrative framework
    • Analyzing sequential, complementary and comparative data
    • Identifying patterns and contrasts in linked data
    • Categorizing, counting, and blending mixed data
    • Managing dissonance and divergence
    • Transforming analysis into warranted assertions 
    With clear steps that can be tailored to any project, this book is perfect for students and researchers undertaking their own mixed methods research.

    See what others say!

    Bazeley addresses one of the biggest challenges faced by mixed methods researchers: the integration of data and interpretation of results that come from different data collection methods. She does so in a comprehensive and systematic way that is enhanced by the use of multiple examples that illustrate multiple mixed methods data analysis strategies.  Bazeley also includes a diagram for each chapter that guides readers, making it easy to follow the detailed and thoughtful process provided in this important book. In addition, she demonstrates how integration can be accomplished using a variety of software packages, thus making this an excellent guide for the new and advanced mixed methods researcher. Researchers who want to maximize the data from a mixed methods study will find this an invaluable resource. 

    Donna M. Mertens

    Professor Emeritus, Gallaudet University

    This is a book on data analysis that mixed methods enthusiasts will give a hearty welcome. Within a framework differentiating sequential and complementary analyses, Pat Bazeley systematically catalogs and richly illustrates multiple strategies for integrative mixed methods data analysis. Thoughtful examples abound that importantly enrich the text.

    Jennifer C. Greene

    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

    Bazeley is one of the pioneers of contemporary mixed methods, and writes with authority, clarity, and a wealth of examples that make her latest contribution both cutting-edge and accessible. Data integration is now recognised as the heart of the mixed method enterprise and Bazeley gives the field a definitive treatment of the many approaches, dimensions and issues in integrating mixed methods data for analytic insight. 

    Nigel Fielding

    University of Surrey

  • 12 Sep 2017 2:40 PM | Anonymous

    Medhi Rizai has recently published a new book “Mixed Methods Research in Language Teaching and Learning” published by equinox (equinoxpub.com) – receive a 25% discount when you enter the code LINGUISTICS at the checkout when prompted!

    This is the first volume to examine MMR in language teaching and learning, and how such a methodology works in practice. It brings together the main topics related to MMR to help researchers better understand and use the methodology.

    Congratulations Medhi!

  • 26 May 2017 7:41 AM | Anonymous

    Postgraduate Award: Mixed Methods Research for Health

    Organized by

    Warwick Medical School, The University of Warwick


    Dr Rebecca Johnson (Research Fellow), Dr Felicity Boardman (Assistant Professor), Frances Griffiths (Professor) plus invited speakers.


    26/02/18- 02/03/18


    Warwick Medical School, Gibbet Hill Campus, The University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL


    View in Google Maps  (CV4 7AL)


    Andy Brierly and Jas Kaur pgt-portfolio1@warwick.ac.uk (Tel: +44 (0)24 765 75553/72958)

    Course Description


    This five day intensive course aims to introduce participants to mixed (qualitative and quantitative) research methodologies. It aims to provide participants with the knowledge, understanding and research skills necessary to put mixed methods into practice, both for evidence review and empirical studies.


    The Participants

    This course is designed for those who have some experience or knowledge of both qualitative and quantitative research methods in health research. It is suitable for PhD students, research active/interested health and social care professionals as well as more experienced researchers wishing to expand their skill set.

    The course is as an accredited course leading to a University of Warwick Postgraduate Award (PGA Qualification), 20 CATs.


    Course Leaders

    Dr Rebecca Johnson is a Mixed Methods Research Fellow at Warwick Medical School, having joined the university in 2008. Currently Rebecca works within CLAHRC -West Midlands. In this role, she focuses on mapping knowledge mobilization, synthesizing qualitative and quantitative evidence to improve health outcomes for patients and the public, and consulting on research projects involving the integration of qualitative and quantitative data.  Rebecca has a specialist interest in different forms of data integration,


    Dr Felicity Boardman is an Assistant Professor at Warwick Medical School, having joined the Division of Health Sciences in 2010. Felicity’s research interests centre on mixed methodologies, reproductive and genetic technologies, stigma and disability. She has worked both independently and in the context of an international mixed methods research team and has authored numerous papers using mixed and qualitative research methods, including those using large longitudinal datasets. Felicity is currently in receipt of a prestigious Wellcome Trust Investigator Award, researching the social and ethical implications of genetic screening in the UK.     


    Professor Frances Griffiths is head of the Division of Health Sciences at Warwick Medical School. She has expertise in social science research methods and has developed the use of mixed methods research methods for health. This includes work with complexity scientists from disciplines including mathematics, statistics and economics. Her research focuses on the impact of medical technology and information and communication technology on lay experience of health and health care, and on the experience of living with long-term conditions.


    Workshop Structure and Content

    The course is structured around three overarching themes:  1) Introduction and core principles of mixed methods research 2) data analysis, transformation and integration and 3) synthesis and pragmatic approaches to mixed methods research. Within the three themes, key areas such as developing a mixed methods research question, using and developing your mixed methods design, approaches to sampling, data collection and analysis and mixed methods publishing and reviewing will be covered.

    Teaching and Learning Methods

    The course will include lecture content, practical activities and small group work, with lots of opportunities to seek the advice of the facilitator. The award is assessed by the completion of a 3-4,000 word assignment, to be submitted by 11th May 2018.


    Intermediate (some prior knowledge is assumed/required)



    £1,385 (Home/EU), £2770 (Overseas)






    West Midlands


    Keywords Mixed Methods Research, Mixed methods analysis , Undertaking a review , Writing and publishing


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    A photo journal page has been added to our web site where members may post photographs from workshop and conference events. To open the journal, click on "Events" in the menu bar, then select Conferences & Workshops Photo Journal. Please add only photos related to the event and recorded during the time of the event. 

  • 24 Jun 2016 11:48 PM | Anonymous

    The International Institute for Qualitative Methodology (IIQM) is offering free on-line webinar sessions. In each one-hour session, mixed methods researchers will present as well as engage with registered participants to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences. 

    Irrespective of your discipline or career stage, you are invited to participate in these free webinars.

    Visit the following site for more information:  http://www.iiqm.ualberta.ca/WebinarSeries.aspx

  • 24 Aug 2015 8:00 AM | Anonymous
    Please consider signing up for these workshops that will cover the following mixed methods research  topics:

    Mixed Methods Research Design – basic workshop (August 24th to 26th 2015 –2½ days).

    Mixed Methods Research Design – advanced workshop (August 27th to 28th 2015 – 2 days)

    Programme international.pdf


    Aalborg Psychiatric Hospital, Mølleparkvej 10, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark.

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    International Journal of Qualitative Methods has recently published a special issue on mixed methods. Review the issue by visiting the Mixed Methods Resources for Members page and clicking the link under the Special Issues heading.

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